7 Things You Must Check After Car Service in Dubai

This article discusses 7 Things You Must Check After Car Service in Dubai

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Posted Sunday, Feb 05, 2023

Here is a list of things you should check depending on the time of year and the season to extend the life and performance of your car. Some of these auto parts require routine car repair, while others only require long-term care. Always adhere to the service interval record and maintenance schedule for your car.

You need to put some effort into maintaining and caring for your car, but you don't need to be an expert mechanic to keep it in the best shape. Having a clear understanding of what needs to be done and how frequently for the best car repair service in Dubai is the largest challenge that can be conquered with ease.

1. Maintaining a job sheet or work order during the car service

No matter the station you take your car to for servicing, creating a job sheet is a routine procedure. The service advisor and the mechanic can communicate with each other using the sheet.

To be sure that all issues have been addressed and the necessary changes have been made, inspect the car and the delivery sheet as soon as it has returned from the shop where you had your car serviced. This can be useful even after a car wash.

Car wash center  in Dubai

2. Ask for Itemized invoice in Dubai

After the car is serviced, an itemized bill is always prepared. Make sure to verify that it has the item's pricing, which you were roughly given by the service advisor. Keep an eye out to make sure you are not being charged for replacement in the event of an engine oil top-up. Errors can be made by people or machines. It is better to exercise caution to ensure the best care outcomes.

The best Car service centre checking the tires

3. Transmission and engine oil

Your car's engine is its heart, and for it to run efficiently, both the engine oil and the filter need to be changed. The same holds for transmission, even though it typically lacks a filter. Watch the engine oil color before and after depending on when it is changed. After the oil change, fresh oil would be cleaner and lighter in color which can be easily spotted after the car repair services.

Car service in Dubai

4. Coolant / Brake fluid of the engine

The engine coolant must be replaced after a few thousand miles because it eventually loses its quality. You might also need to replace or refill the brake fluid, depending on the advice of the car manufacturer.

However, unless you witness it being done, there is no way to know if it has been done or not. Staying in the observation area or taking it to a gas station where you can watch it happen is preferable.

Mechanic checking the functioning of the engine

5. Belongings / Tool kit / Boot

It is suggested that you remove the tool kit and any personal items from the car before bringing it in for car service in Dubai to be on the safe side. To avoid it getting lost while it is being worked on, you can ask the service adviser to note this on the job sheet if it is not possible. Make sure the spare wheel and other accessories are intact as well when accepting delivery.

Mechanic checking one of the parts of an engine

6. Fuel level

To prevent misuse, service advisers record the gasoline level on the job sheet. In the summer, it is customary to inspect the air conditioning. Check the gasoline level upon delivery to make sure mechanics aren't misusing it. You can take this step to ensure that your car service has been a success under the selected company.

Mechanic for car services in Dubai

7. Air filter

By removing the air filter and opening the housing, one may quickly check the air filter. The air filter should be cleaned each time your car is serviced and should be replaced after a few thousand kilometers. It makes a significant contribution to the engine's health. Checking this is also rather simple.

Car engine repair in Dubai

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Frequently Asked Questions

Car Service & Maintenance Questions Answered at YallaFixMyCar

Essentially, there are three different types of car service: Interim, Full and Major. When you visit different garages and dealerships, they might call their packages something different to try and put their own stamp on it

Checks during a car service can include the engine oil, oil filter, lights, tyres, bodywork, exhausts, brakes, steering, fluid and coolant levels, suspension and 12V battery. Your garage will replace certain worn car parts and fluids during your service, but how many replacement parts and changes you get depends on the type of service you book.

As a general rule of thumb, professional car servicing is recommended every six months or 10,000km, whichever comes first. But if you've an older model, it could need more regular servicing, such as every 5000km. And for newer models, you may be able to service them every 12 months, or every 15,000-20,000km.

Read the maintenance schedule of your car manual and find out what actually is required for it. Delay of about 1-2 is fine however that too depends on the use. If it's not being used much then delay of even 2-3 months is fine however if it's in extensive running then it should not be delayed.

Tyres. Tyres will be checked for obvious damage such as cracks and punctures. The service will also include making sure that they have the minimum required tread depth and that they are inflated to the necessary pressure level

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