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Posted Sunday, Feb 05, 2023

Engine oil is important for the uninterrupted functioning of a car engine. If the oil quantity and flow are not right, the engine and its parts get damaged. Even if you own the best car, it will not function properly with a clogged oil filter. And, you will frequently need a visit to a car garage for car maintenance.

Why does oil filter matter for your engine?

People often blame the oil quality for this problem. But, sometimes, the car oil filter leads to severe problems in the engine. When the 'oil filter gets clogged', lubrication issues arise causing 'engine damage'.

People often ignore the clogged oil filter and keep changing the car engine oil. Instead of going for the car service and repair, they try different oil brands expecting that the car performance will improve. The thing is that they are unable to determine the clogged oil filter. They don’t know if this is a problem.

In this post, we will discuss the signs of a clogged oil filter and how it can impact your service repair garage

What are the signs to know that your oil filter is clogged?

  • When the engine starts to sputter
  • When the oil filter gets clogged, the engine starts making a series of soft explosives or spitting noises. This can be a sign of other serious engine problems as well, but a clogged oil filter is common.

    When the filter is clogged, it sends unfiltered and sludge-worm engine oil to the engine’s critical components. This leads to oil splattering in the car engine due to ineffective operation. The sign is the low-intensity engine noise that increases gradually.

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  • When the engine starts overheating:

    Engine overheating is a very common problem in the car. This happens because of different problems, but a clogged filter comes in the first place. It’s because the engine relies on the filter for clean engine oil.

  • When engine performance gets hampered:

    Car experts give a long list of car engine services so that it runs at its best. One of them is regular engine oil changes so that no impurities are present and lubrication is proper. But, along with oil, the oil filter is a critical component.

    The oil will not reach the engine if the filter is clogged, hammering the car engine's performance. Lack of lubrication will affect engine operations.

  • When the engine oil pressure is low:

    For the lubrication purpose, the engine oil moves from a pan at the bottom to a higher side. Here, constant oil pressure oil is required. Due to a clogged oil filter, the pressure isn’t enough.

    Depending on the kind of abnormality, the oil pressure varies causing problems in the engine.

  • When persistent metallic noise is produced:

    Engine oil is for lubrication. If there is insufficient lubrication, friction between the moving parts becomes inevitable. The parts begin to grind against one another, causing a persistent metallic noise.

    The noise grows louder as the oil filter wears out, harming the engine poorly.

  • When dark exhaust smoke appears:

    A clogged filter not only prevents the flow of engine oil but is unable to purify the residual impurities from engine oil.

    Due to the unintentional burning of impurities, dark smoke from the exhaust appears. This happens when the engine oil gets leaked at the tailpipe. Sometimes, some signs of leakage are seen on the ground under the car.

What should you do if the oil filter gets clogged?

This is a serious issue. If you find any signs mentioned above, you should visit a local car service repair shop immediately for the best car servicing. With time, the problem increases and leads to other problems in your car.

Sometimes, insufficient engine oil and engine damage become life-threatening. You might not get even a second to save your life due to ignorance towards the clogged oil filter.

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Car repair garage Dubai: How to avoid oil filter clogging?!

A clogged air filter is not a one-time problem. This might occur frequently and lead to many other serious problems in your car. So, you shouldn't be satisfied and stay relaxed with car repair. So, visit a car garage timely and take care of the car's engine properly.

To avoid oil filter clogging, you should go to 'car service and maintenance' regularly. Two major precautions are an oil change and the use of 'good-quality oil'. An 'oil change' will remove impurities and prevent 'filter clogging'.

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