How Much Does a Car Mechanic Charge in Dubai?

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Posted Sunday, Feb 05, 2023

How Much Does a Car Mechanic Charge in Dubai?

Let's start from the basics.

What is a car mechanic called?

A 'car mechanic is a professional who performs repair and maintenance servicing of a car'. A 'car mechanic is also called an auto mechanic'

Is a car mechanic expensive to hire?

More than the service, many people are concerned about the charges of a car mechanic in Dubai. The rates of car mechanics often confuse people as there is nothing certain about them. Often, people feel cheated after their car repair and maintenance services. They are unable to decide if the service given to them was worth it.

It’s difficult. Do you know why? It's because a car mechanic doesn’t follow a standard price rate. Many factors influence the overall cost of the service, meaning you cannot assume anything before consulting or visiting a garage for car repair and maintenance.

What determines the cost of a car mechanic service in Dubai?

car mechanic shop

The location of the shop

In a busy city, a car mechanic shop will have significantly higher rent costs, electricity bills, and other expenses. To cover them all, the 'mechanic will charge higher'. On the other hand, a small repair shop on the outskirts of the city will have less overhead expenses and demand. So, the charges will be low.

The type of the car repair shop

You will either find a dealership or an independent car mechanic shop near you for repairs and maintenance. These two types significantly influence the charges.

Dealerships come with quality as they have factory-trained mechanics, state-of-the-art tools, machinery, and OEM parts. So, the dealership service is expensive.

On the other hand, an independent repair shop hires whoever fits the position and is not equipped with the latest tools. So, the service cost is less. But, this doesn’t mean an individual car mechanic doesn’t deliver quality.

The specialization and skill level

The specialization and experience of a car mechanic significantly influence the service cost. If a car mechanic has worked for over 30 years and is skilful in every sense, the rates will be high. The skill and certification of a car mechanic will influence rates as well.

car mechanic in the uae

On the other side, an entry-level car mechanic with an experience of two years will likely charge a lower labour rate.

The brand and model of the car

'The brand and model of your car will decide the service cost of the car mechanic'. It’s because the brand and model define the repair and maintenance requirements. Sometimes, the parts of one car are costlier than another car. Also, the level of work required between the two cars is different.

Car battery replacement and other car repair services in Dubai

For example, parts of the 2022 Mercedes AMG are costlier than the parts of a 2004 Toyota Corolla. Other than this, the clutch repair on an old corolla takes less time in labour compared to a modern sports car.

The type of repair and maintenance

'The type of repair and maintenance your car needs can be broken into two categories': parts needed and time needed.

Both categories are easy to understand. In the parts needed category, you will pay less for spark plugs than you would pay for an engine. On the other hand, in the time needed category, the time taken to complete the job affects the overall service charge. Like, the plumbing work on a car radiator takes less time to repair than a punctured tire.

car repair

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