What Should You Do Before Exiting A Car Service Center in Dubai?

This article discusses What Should You Do Before Exiting A Car Service Center in Dubai!

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Posted Sunday, Feb 05, 2023

You love to see your four-wheel companion in the best condition. And for this, you don’t mind visiting a car service center in Dubai every few months, even if everything seems fine. Truly speaking, it’s a good habit. Regular servicing will not only keep your car up-to-date but make your every ride safe.

The day you get the delivery of your car is like a celebration. You eagerly wait for this day so that you can enjoy driving again. And everyone knows that driving a newly-serviced car feels amazing.

But, do you check your car before taking its delivery from the car service center in Dubai? We don’t think you do so. You are just concerned about holding the steering and getting on the roads for a beautiful driving experience. This is wrong, no matter how trustworthy the car service center is.

What should you do?

car service center in dubai

Pay at the end

You are so excited to take your vehicle that you walk to the payment counter immediately after the technician or floor manager says that it is ready. Also, you trust the center that everything will be fine. But, you shouldn’t do this.

As a wide range of services makes the final cost, you should take time to verify them. Make sure every job mentioned by you is completed properly. Pay only if you are satisfied with the service.

Go for a test drive

We know a test drive is taken when you buy a new car. But, there is nothing wrong with taking it after the service. This becomes crucial if your car had a major mechanical part replacement during service. The test drive will help you know the functionality of the part.

Similarly, you should run the air-conditioner for a while to see the cooling efficiency if the problem was in it. You shouldn't come across an unfinished job after leaving the car service center in Dubai.

Check the job completion status

When submitting your car to the service center, the technician prepares a job card. The job card includes the tasks that need to be taken care of. Other than the major tasks, the technician mentions the minor ones specified by you in the job card.

Before taking the delivery, make sure the tasks mentioned in the job card are done as per guidelines.

Inspect the cleaning parts

car wash in dubai

Generally, the workers do the cleaning part properly. But, some workers at the car service center in Dubai take a shortcut and don’t wipe off the dash polish completely. And thus, the polish starts sticking to your hands and clothes. So, you should inspect all the cleaning parts thoroughly.

Check the car essentialss

We know these are petty things concerning car repair and services in Dubai. But, you need to understand that car essentials are costly and the technicians can earn a huge amount after selling them. So, they are one of the important things to check before leaving.

'To get the best car service', you should check the car battery and car tires as well as access the boot and check for the spare wheel. Don’t forget the tool kit and owners manual.

Your actions might offend the workers, but you shouldn’t back off. And you should follow these points during every visit to the car service center in Dubai.

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Essentially, there are three different types of car service: Interim, Full and Major. When you visit different garages and dealerships, they might call their packages something different to try and put their own stamp on it

Most manufacturers recommend having a full car service once a year or every 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. But this depends on your car and how you drive it. You can check your logbook to see when your car was last serviced – and it should be updated by the mechanic after completion of a service.

A full-service history shows potential buyers that a car's been well looked after and should be reliable, as it's been checked over at regular intervals by a professional. It also helps people discover the true mileage, so they don't end up with a clocked car

If the car is still under warranty, and if you do not get it serviced when you should, your warranty could well be voided

Remove all personal items from your car when taking it in for a service. Whilst you should never experience any problems at a reputable garage, keeping your belongings on hand ensures they're safe and also prevents any accidental damage during the service process.

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