Car Leaking Oil? Take It To An Auto Repair Shop In Dubai!

This article discusses Car Leaking Oil? Take It To An Auto Repair Shop In Dubai!

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Posted Sat, Feb 18, 2023

Car fluids are essential for ensuring that your car works smoothly. You may see wet patches below your vehicle after parking the automobile for an extended period. This is an obvious sign that some form of car fluid is leaking and you need to go to an auto repair and maintenance garage in Dubai

The most prevalent sort of fluid leak discussed in this article is an engine oil leak. However, before we get into oil leaks, their usual causes, and how to avoid them, we'll quickly go over the various types of car fluid leaks that can occur, how to identify them, and where they're most commonly found.

A mechanic working in a car repair garage

Among these car fluids are:

Antifreeze Fluid Leak - If you see an area of thick yellow, pink, or green fluid surrounding or under your automobile, it could be an antifreeze leak.

Steering Fluid Leak - This type of leak usually occurs around the front of the vehicle. The fluid might be brown or crimson and is often thin.

Water Leak - Water leaks are frequently served beneath the car. If you have this leak, you will probably see a little pool of clear, odorless liquid.

Transmission fluid leak: If your car is parked and you look closely, you might see a large area of brown or red fluid around the middle of the vehicle. This could indicate a transmission fluid leak.

Brake Fluid Leak - If you detect an oily patch with a clear to brown color near the passenger side seat or around your car's wheels, your brake fluid may be leaking.

If you notice any of the mentioned liquids flowing out of your car, you need to go to the car repair services in Dubai.

Visit an Auto Garage in Dubai if You See The Following Signs in Your Car!

1. Damaged gaskets and oil pans

The oil you add to your engine for lubrication is normally held in place and pushed by a pan and gaskets placed at the bottom of the engine. If you frequently travel on difficult roads with a lot of loose gravel and other debris, the pan and gaskets can be damaged, causing the oil within to leak slowly. If you see this, you must go to a car repair in Dubai.

Mechanic performing maintenance in a car repair workshop

2. Engine Oil Components Installed Inadequately

Your engine oil may leak if:

  • The oil pan and gaskets are too tightly fitting. When installing the pan and gaskets, the tension should be distributed uniformly.
  • The oil filter is loosely installed, allowing oil to leak into the engine.

Visit a car service in Dubai immediately if you see any signs like these.

3. Faulty valve seal is one of the troubles

Small oil leaks can occur if the valve seals and rings in the engine oil system are broken.

Remember that engine oil leaks do not only occur when your automobile is parked. They can happen while your car is in motion. If this occurs, the heat from your engine will burn up the leaking oil, emitting a strong odor.

car repair garage in dubai

A Trip To The Car Repair Service in Dubai

An oil leak can cause extensive damage to engine components. If it stays undiagnosed for an extended period, you may have to replace your complete engine. What is the best strategy to avoid difficulties caused by oil and other car fluid leaks?

Take the car to an auto repair shop in Dubai to get an oil change as often as possible, and have it serviced frequently. YallaFixMyCar is one of the best car repair garages in Dubai, we can do all of the above at a reasonable price. Simply call (+971) 555-960-145 or visit our website to arrange an appointment to have your car tuned for peak performance.We are here to help you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Car Service & Maintenance Questions Answered at YallaFixMyCar

The common types of car fluid leaks that can occur in a vehicle include antifreeze fluid leak, steering fluid leak, water leak, transmission fluid leak, and brake fluid leak.

Signs that indicate the need for a visit to an auto garage in Dubai include the presence of wet patches beneath the vehicle, and the detection of any of the aforementioned fluid leaks.

The possible causes of an engine oil leak include damaged gaskets and oil pans, and inadequately installed engine oil components, such as oil pans, gaskets, and oil filters.

Yes, engine oil leaks can occur while driving. If this happens, the heat from the engine will burn up the leaking oil, emitting a strong odor.

The best strategy to avoid difficulties caused by car fluid leaks is to take the car to an auto repair shop in Dubai to get an oil change as often as possible, and have it serviced frequently. It is recommended to visit a reputable car repair garage in Dubai such as YallaFixMyCar to ensure peak performance and avoid extensive damage to engine components.


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